European Graduate Network in Legal Theory

The European Graduate Network in Legal Theory brings together leading academic institutions of Europe to offer Masters and PhDs in jurisprudence and legal theory. The network provides a powerful platform for integrating cutting-edge research developments into MA and PhD programmes, while also assuring participating students of personalized supervision by some of Europe's leading legal theorists. The MA program is hosted by the European Academy of Legal Theory, and includes the participation of the universities of Vienna, Frankfurt, Lucerne, Stockholm, Brussels, and Cracow. The collaborative PhD programme, 'Globalisation and Legal Theory', is run by the universities of Glasgow, Louvain and Tilburg.

The Network fosters collaboration between the MA and PhD programmes. In particular, students participating in the MA program may be invited to participate in the training program offered by the PhD program. Conversely, senior researchers of the PhD program will participate in courses offered by the MA programme.

Persons from all parts of the world who have first degrees in law, philosophy or the social sciences are invited to apply to the programs.