Law and Cosmopolitan Values Lectures

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The Centre for Law and Cosmopolitan Values announces its 3rd 'Law and Cosmopolitan Values Lectures' to be delivered by Andrea Sangiovanni at the Faculty of Law, University of Antwerp, in October 20-22, 2014. For more information please click here.

Legal Writing Summer School

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MU Brno offers up to 3 places for EALT network students (participation free of tuition, travel and housing have to be borne by participants themselves) for a 4-days Legal Writing summer school this August Read more

March 14, 2014: Workshop A.J. Julius on his forthcoming 'Reconstruction'.

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Prof. A.J. Julius (UCLA, Department of Philosophy) will be presenting his forthcoming monograph currently scheduled to appear under the title 'Reconstruction'. The workshop will be based on the manuscript of the unpublished book and will aim to engage the thought of its author in critical and constructive argument. Click here for more information.

October 11-12, 2013: GLOTHRO-Conference on 'Responsibility and Obligations from Global Justice'

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Convenors: George Pavlakos (Antwerp/Glasgow) and Axel Gosseries (UCL).
At: ‘Centre for Law and Cosmopolitan Values’, Law Faculty, University of Antwerp.
The workshop aims to expand and deepen key themes of the debate on ‘Globalisation and the Transformation of Legal Obligations’. It will endeavour to make fruitful for the legal debate on transnational human rights obligations the extremely rich philosophical debate on the obligations of global justice.

The workshop will address the fundamental questions of responsibility that are linked to obligations of global justice. On a more abstract level it will inquire in a general session into conditions for global justice responsibility: 1) the Why and What questions, addressing grounds, causation and principles of allocation/distribution of responsibility; 2) the Who question, focussing on the bearers/subjects of responsibility (units); This general session will provide the general format for the applied questions in subsequent panels. Turning to more applied questions, the workshop will bring the theoretical discussion to bear on a number of problematic contemporary issues: 1) financial crises; 2) climate change; 3) migration (and global poverty); 4) natural resource exploitation. On both the theoretical and applied-oriented levels the workshop will seek to articulate, concrete legal arguments with an eye to modelling legal codification of regimes of global responsibility.
The outcome will be a substantial volume on global justice and the law, which will compare in its scope, depth and prominence to the recently published volume: Besson and Tassioulas (eds), The Philosophy of International Law (OUP 2010).

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Room E.207 Building E, Grote Kauwenberg 2, 2000 Antwerp.
Room E.207 Building E, Grote Kauwenberg 2, 2000 Antwerp.

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