The Degree

Candidates will be affiliated with one of the partner universities, which also confers the PhD degree. Supervision is shared between a member of the university of affiliation (main supervisor) and a member of one of the partner universities (co-supervisor). Doctoral students can visit and make use of the research facilities of all participating universities, free of additional charge.

During the first year of the degree (conversion year) candidates are involved in an intensive training programme provided by the participating universities. The annual colloquium, the workshops and the seminar series are coordinated among the participating universities and bring together the entire research community. At the end of the conversion year candidates must have obtained a required number of set points, awarded on grounds of performance in the training programme, and must submit a dissertation (or draft chapter) for examination. The submission will be examined viva voce and the successful candidates will be allowed to proceed to full doctoral status. In years 2 and 3, students will continue to participate in all the programme events. The doctoral thesis should be submitted for examination according to the rules of the university of affiliation.