Topics for supervision

Below is an indicative list of research topics, which candidates may propose. The programme also welcomes applications with other suitable research topics related to the research interests of the potential supervisors.

 1. Normativity

Under the general heading of normativity the programme invites research on the nature and grounds of the binding character of legal obligations. While the aim is to make fresh contributions to the contemporary jurisprudential debate, particular emphasis is placed on an interdisciplinary approach that brings philosophical argument to bear on classical jurisprudential themes. Amongst the topics that are of special interest count:

  • Normativity and argumentation
  • Authority and interpretation
  • Normativity in Kant’s theory of law
  • Authority and collective identity

2. Rights

Rights hold a prominent place in contemporary debates on globalisation, inviting a renewed interest for theoretical treatment. In particular, the programme will focus on the following areas:

  • Discourse, Rights and Justice
  • Rights and Constitutionalism
  • Rights and Proportionaliy
  • Transnational and extraterritorial human rights protection
  • Human rights and private actors
  • Human rights and multinationals

3. Global Justice

The programme places special importance on the topic of global justice and welcomes candidates who are interested in pursuing research on the scope and the grounds of principles of justice in an increasingly globalised world. Of focal interest are the following topics:

  • Constitutionalism and Globalisation
  • Transitional Justice
  • Global Justice and economic rights
  • Global Justice and the politics of boundaries