Training Programme

Each of the participating institutions is responsible for organising a training programme during the Doctoral Programme. Although the particulars of the programme will be determined in each case by the host institution, the following general structure is to be followed in all cases:

  • The Study Group. The group (locally organised) meets regularly to read key texts on themes such as constitutionalism, global justice, rights and the philosophy of law.
  • The Advanced Seminar. The seminar will bring together the researchers from all partner institutions. It will include two components:
    • The first is the course on 'Traditions of Legal Theory'. This is an intensive course that covers main traditions of Legal Theory, and includes Legal Hermeneutics, Discourse Theory, Marxist Legal Theory, Analytical Legal Philosophy, Structuralist and Poststructuralist theories of law. The course is taught at the University of Glasgow in the first semester.
    • The second is a three-day seminar, also involving guest speakers of the associated scholars, which examines legal issues pertaining to Globalisation. The seminar will be held in the second semester and will rotate between Louvain and Tilburg. Click here for the keynote speakers of the seminar.
    • Both components of the Advanced Seminar are open to interested persons who are not registered as research students within the programme. Such persons are kindly requested to contact the program to register for the component of their choice, and to pay a fee of €400 to this effect.
  • The Annual Doctoral Colloquium
      All PhD researchers will present a paper based on their research in the Colloquium, which takes place immediately after the Globalisation lectures.
  • Regular participation in the work-in-progress seminars and faculty lectures of the host institution.The above activities are compulsory for those who enrol on the programme. In some of the host institutions the above activities will be connected to an explicit credit system. The directors of the Doctoral Programme supervise the implementation of the training programme and ensure for coherence and quality across all participating institutions.